January 2017

Episode #132

Happy 2017 and happy Friday! This week we cover the 1.0 release of InfernoJS, how to author JS modules with Flow and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

December 2016

Episode #131

This week we cover React VR, Webpack 2, Voca.js, Apollo and Angular.

Episode #130

Greetings! This week we ask the hard questions around TypeScript, see the latest in Angular 1.x, build 30 JS things in 30 days, React Native and see the difficulties open source maintainers go through.

Episode #129

In today's edition we cover Staying Sane(-ish) with JavaScript, WebVR in Servo, D3 and Canvas, PWA checklist and Flow.

November 2016

Episode #128

This week we have articles on lenses in JS, understanding framework benchmarks, the Realm database, npm tricks and code readability with ES6.

Episode #127

Lots of goodies this week: Office launched a UI framework, Vue.js is alive and well, learning React, 19 things about Node.js and error logging on client-side apps.

Episode #126

This week we cover how to get started with Webpack 2, GraphQL, writing a new programming language, doing Math the React way and the newest ES6 features available in Node v6.

October 2016

Episode #125

This week we cover stateful and stateless components, how to truncate text using JavaScript, Yarn, the Event Emitter and how to visually debug Node.js applications.

Episode #124

This week, async functions in Chrome 55, state of HTML5 game dev, RxJS pitfalls in Angular 2, a mysterious fiber bug and Yehuda on Yarn.

Episode #123

This week we cover Yarn, GraphQL, Material Design in Angular 2 and more!

Episode #122

This week we cover learning Angular 2, RxJS, security updates to Node, npm tricks and the "f" library.


Episode #121

This week, news about the final Angular 2 release, testing Angular 2 components with Jasmine, Node and Microservices, Horizon and Hot Ways to use JavaScript.

Episode #120

Today we're here to let you know about the future of this show. We’re now only going to be sending a weekly newsletter.

June 2016

Episode #119

This week, we discuss code sharing between React Native and React web apps, how enterprise companies are using Node, a live chat app using Meteor and the DDP protocol, and an ES7 proposal.

Episode #118

This week, we discuss learning the JavaScript ecosystem; async and await; Webpack; and the React, Webpack, and Horizon quick start.

May 2016

Episode #117

This week, we discuss Edge supporting Fetch, jQuery 3.0 RC, free resources for learning JavaScript, and the Aurelia Shadow DOM v1 Slots prerelease.

Episode #116

This week, we discuss building an Angular 2 app, Node.js V6 release, TrialJS, and 12 useful hacks for JavaScript.

April 2016

Episode #115

This week, we sit down with Course Instructor Sergio Cruz to discuss the Powering Up With React course.

March 2016

Episode #114

This week, we discuss EmberConf 2016, JavaScript generators, changes to npm's unpublish policy, EverthingStays, and Chrome Music Lab.

Episode #113

This week, we discuss modules, Hain, moving from Ember to React, and Stack Overflow's 2016 survey results.

Episode #112

This week, we discuss Angular 2 and the future of HTML5 apps, functional programming for JavaScript people, Ora, and we take an early look at three high-impact ES6 features coming to Node.js.

Episode #111

This week, we discuss Fetch-it, PG with async/await, JS Frameworks in 2016, Aurelia March 2016, and Enzyme.

February 2016

Episode #110

This week, we discuss Draft.js; virtual 86; point, form, and space; and a cross-platform Unix prompt emulator.

Episode #109

This week, we discuss building a command-line tool, Superhero.js, how Angular services are just JavaScript objects, and what cat is your JavaScript framework?

Episode #108

This week, we discuss packaging, MediaRecorder API, Parse server, and Mailjet markup language.

Episode #107

This week, we discuss JavaScript tips, Web Audio, CodePen's new JavaScript console feature, and a way to boost npm install.

January 2016

Episode #106

This week, we discuss the real reason to avoid jQuery, MediumEditor, React v15 dropping support for IE8, and how 2016 is the year of web streams.

Episode #105

This week, we discuss CMS.js, Pressure.js, why you'd want to use Node.js, and more!

Episode #104

This week, we discuss the future of building JavaScript modules, proxies, Elevator Saga, switching from Grunt to Node.js + npm, and how to become a better Node developer in 2016!

Episode #103

This week, we discuss Angular 2 beta, component-check, Angular 2 versus React, how to stop writing loops and start thinking with maps, and a simple guide to finding a JavaScript memory leaks.

December 2015

Episode #102

This week we discuss semantic release, Split.js, ES7 pipeline operator, and Babel loose mode.

Episode #101

This week, we discuss the latest version of TypeScript, Plop, building Minesweeper, and avoiding the California DMV.

November 2015

Episode #100

This week, we celebrate our 100th episode and discuss Microsoft's open-sourced Visual Studio Code, 10 JavaScript job interview FAQs, and Accessibility Debt at Nodevember.

Episode #99

This week, we discuss Web Speech API, Aurelia binding behaviors, the habits of a happy Node.js hacker, the anatomy of a large Angular app, and debugging Node.

Episode #98

This week, we discuss Babel 6.0.0, upgrading apps to Angular 2 using ngUpgrade, Node V5.0.0, and Object.observe being withdrawn from JavaScript TC39.

October 2015

Episode #97

In this week's episode, we discuss Trix, commented out code, graph-scroll.js, and TypeScript.

Episode #96

This week, we discuss bridging in React, Chrome DevTools, RecastJS, and modular JavaScript.

Episode #95

In this week's episode, we discuss, the future of web audio, working with React and TypeScript, development workflow and D3.js.

Episode #94

On this week's episode, we discuss scalable Angular apps, Clipboard.js, a series on, and Brain.js.


Episode #93

This week, we discuss the status of Shadow DOM v1, GraphQL, synthesizing hi-­hats, runtime.js, and how to get around iOS 9’s content blocking.

Episode #92

This week we discuss, how iOS Developers use React Native, adding and removing classes from SVG elements with jQuery, embracing the future web and JavaScript testing in 10 minutes.

Episode #91

This week, we discuss Node v4.0.0, Angular 2, a Slack Poker Bot, questions a unit test must answer, and a case study on mobile pages.

Episode #90

In this episode, we discuss Redux, GraphiQL, React CSS Modules, what happened to Web Components, and the upcoming jQuery and Dojo Foundation merge.

August 2015

Episode #89

This week, we discuss Angular 1 and Angular 2, ES6 Maps, io.js, ES6 modules, and asynchronous JavaScript.

Episode #88

This week, we cover getting started with ECMAScript 6, math.js, JavaScript framework longevity (or lack thereof), JavaScript looping, and the Relay technical preview.

Episode #87

This week, we discuss TypeScript vs. Haxe, io.js version 3.0, new React DevTools beta, SystemJS, and TauCharts.

July 2015

Episode #86

This week, we discuss TypeScript 1.5, substituteteacher.js, functional programming, upndown, and an introduction to JavaScript ES6 iterators.

Episode #85

In this episode, we discuss 5 ES7 decorators, proxies, Dragula, React.js, and HTML5tooltips.js.

Episode #84

On this week's episode, we discuss jQuery 3.0 Alpha, an open-source app built with Rails-API and React, pure UI, surprising things about JavaScript, and a guide to FP (in JavaScript).

Episode #83

In this episode, we discuss recreating a dialup modem in JavaScript, npm, automated accessibility testing, and more!

Episode #82

In this week's podcast, we discuss pure JavaScript, underscores, JavaScript in one picture, Polymer 1.0, and Atom 1.0.

June 2015

Episode #81

This week, we cover Node.js IDEs, ES2015, web assembly, and Nuclide.

Episode #80

This week we cover HTML to text, Polymorphic on React, React Bootstrap, and Dynamics.js, Ember 2.x Project,, and lowDB.

Episode #79

On this episode we'll cover the contest, Chakram, Angular Classy, how to eliminate JavaScript code smells, and building a native app with JavaScript using NativeScript.

Episode #78

On this episode we'll cover Angular 2.0, Angular 1.4.0, replicating art with JS, and Power Surge.

May 2015

Episode #77

This week we cover Telescope, Spree Ember, what RxJS does, how you can use immutability in React, and building a Slack clone.

Episode #76

This week we cover Angular 2.0, Promises, Meteor, Warrior JS and a Re-Introduction to JavaScript.

Episode #75

This week we cover Deku, Ionic 1.0, json-server, an MS fork of NodeJS, and The Transition to Ember 2.0.

Episode #74

This week we cover Moving Pictures in Dev Console, Dev Tips, Spellbook, JavaScript Decorators, and Five.

April 2015

Episode #73

This week we cover Standard, Foam framework, Fetchival, localForage, Flux Cargo Culting, and PDF.js.

Episode #72

In this episode we cover express.oi, self-hosted chat application lets chat, node-stap, React native fundamentals, and elevator.js.

Episode #71

This week we discuss module strategies, optimizing JS, annotated jQuery, free JavaScript books, and NPM private modules.

Episode #70

In this episode we talk about the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide, feature overview and comparison of ECMAScript 6, turning ES5 code into readable ES6, JS written number, Polymer 0.8, and finally the rise of TypeScript.

Episode #69

In this episode we talk about AmokJS, KaomojifyJS, version 2 of UglifyJS, and finally SpaceJS.

March 2015

Episode #68

In this episode we talk about the recent io.js update, A baseline for being a javascript developer, testing javascript with Intern, and how to open source your own javascript projects.

Episode #67

This episode covers what web developers can learn from game developers, building your own version AngularJS for educational purposes, the symmetry of JavaScript Functions, ng-conf videos and the Babel transpiler.

Episode #66

This episode covers React v0.13, writing better async code with ES7, immutable data structures with ImmutableJS, Opera 28 and writing Node after 10 Years of PHP.

Episode #65

This episode covers Framework Fatigue, React Native's killer feature that nobody talks about, recent improvements to asm.js on different browsers, building a Timesheet UI with Timesheet.js and ES6 Classes.

February 2015

Episode #64

This episode covers the open source book, "You don't know js", new upgrades to the popular jsdom, ES6 Classes in AngularJS 1.x, new AngularJS beta news, and jQuery on npm.

Episode #63

This episode covers the Webpack module loader, a discussion on lesser known console features, esLint for configurable linting, an article explaining ReactJS from an Angular perspective, and creating and manipulating fonts with javsacript using Plumin.js

Episode #62

This episode covers Diet.js, Jest for testing, high performance front ends using React Canvas, the future of Nodejitsu and how to start learning ES6.

Episode #61

James Newton & Alyssa Nicoll talk about React Hot Loader, Rob Eisenberg's interview on "Pete on Software", Aurelia vs. Angular, and Lodash 3.0.

January 2015

Episode #60

This episode covers Aurelia, one-time vs. two-way data binding in Angular, PhantomJS 2.0 is close, data checks with is.js and templating with Kruntch.js

Episode #59

This episode covers Microsoft announcing Project Spartan, the polygon triangulation library Earcut, Using Ember.js with node using Fastboot, and What's new in Atom Shell.

Episode #58

This episode covers the first io.js official release, scaffolding with Yeoman, 6to5 joining forces with esnext, debugging beyond console.log and cookies that will not go away. Ever.

Episode #57

Katie & Alyssa cover Snabbt.js, JSBOOK, Javascript Garden, Taming Asynchronous JavaScript with Async.js, and Ext JS 5.

December 2014

Episode #56

Adam F and Nick discuss Angular 2, application architecture, JavaScript for Kids, PhotoSwipe and a comparison of Node.js frameworks.

Episode #55

In this episode, Adam and Jason talk about io.js, The Offline Cookbook for taking your apps offline, updates to ember.js, and explore a few options for creating desktop apps using node.js with the blog post Desktop Applications in Node.js, by Fionn Kelleher.

Episode #54

In this episode, we talk about using SVG-Morpheus for delightful transitions, responsivefying D3 charts, using ES6 modules, JSRemoteConf and Opera 26.

November 2014

Episode #53

Adam and James go over Chroma.js, d3-Deconstructor, Flow from Facebook, Interact.js, and Phonegap-air

Episode #52

Adam and John cover txtJS for Canvas, SlimerJS, orientationchangeend for mobile devices, Firefox Developer Edition and we help clear up some questions about Angular 2.0.

Episode #51

Jason and Carlos cover Ember 2.0 RFC, the Flux architecture, Meteor reaches 1.0, the next major version of jQuery and Two Pillars of JavaScript.

October 2014

Episode #50

Katie and Alyssa review the big changes announced for Angular 2.0, Angular routing, and the introduction of AtScript.

Episode #49

Adam Fortuna and Adam Rensel discuss Angular 1.3 features and things to keep in mind when migrating to the new version, Internationalization in your javascript using FormatJS, a fantastic live coding session creating a space invaders game by Mary Rose Cook with javascript, and l learning lots of interesting things from a three line code snippet in a blog post by Javier Márquez.

Episode #48

James and Katie discuss a javascript speech recognition software, a timer plugin, a 10,000 word Angular tutorial, dealing with Nightmares, and a library that handles nested routing in React.

Episode #47

Alyssa Nicoll John Balauat discuss: Mario & Angular teaming up to battle bad conventions, ngMario. A social network for tech minded peeps, Ello. A new project by Typicode, Pegasus. Taming forms in Angular 1.3. An update on the upcoming Angular course on Code School. Happy Thursday Guys!


Episode #46

In this episode we talk about the current state of Grunt, being compromised, NPM 2.0, JavaScript interview questions and using katon for local development.

Episode #45

In this episode we talk about a new specification for Markdown, using Tiny modules on the front-end, driving a physical animations system with ReboundJS, version 0.11.2 of ReactJS and debugging all the things with Firefox Tools Adapter.

Episode #44

In this episode we cover the latest release of JS-SIMD, how to join the maker movement with Espruino, MEAN one-click deploys, sharing local storage across different domains, and an open source project based on an online game.

Episode #43

Adam and Katie talk about error logging, a round up of some awesome charting libraries, the origin of JavaScript, brushing up on some advanced Object manipulation, and run down of some of the differences between Ember and React.

August 2014

Episode #42

Jason and Alyssa talk about Faster Slicing, Black Box Driven Development and How to Spot a Good Developer in Javascript! They also do a speed round listing the updates of Knockout's, Ember's, Coffeescript's, and Meteor's latest versions!

Episode #41

This episode covers EmberJS 1.7 Metal Views, Problems with HTML Imports, Angular 2.0 Router, WebODF and blazing speed with ASM.js

Episode #40

In this episode we discuss JavaScript: The Weird Parts, D3 Directives in AngularJS, Swift for JavaScript developers, Ghost and speeding up AngularJS with simple optimizations.

Episode #39

In this episode we talk about Angular 2.0 Routing, Eloquent JavaScript ebook, Polygonal Trees with BabylonJS, and Math.pow() !

July 2014

Episode #38

In this episode we talk about Facebook's new Flux project, opinionated AngularJS styleguide for teams, how Prototype works, 3 New JavaScript APIs You May Want to Follow and ExpressJS transfer to StrongLoop.

Episode #37

This episode covers HTML5 geolocation on steroids with Nome.js, a new data format called Transit, in-browser multithreading made easy with Multithread.js, Unit-Testing ExpressJS routes and audio interface components with NexusUI.

Episode #36

In this episode we cover Breach, a browser for the HTML5 era, 7 Patterns to refactor JavaScript Applications, mori version 0.2.9, Best Practices for Building Angular.js Apps and the 5 Most Depended-upon NPM packages.

Episode #35

In this episode we cover the Dart language being an official ECMA standard, new features in Ember 1.6 and 1.7beta, Web Starter Kit 0.4.0, a JS kernel in top of V8 with RuntimeJS and creating node streams with through.

Episode #34

In this episode we talk about Angular and the ESRI JavaScript API, creating your own scope and digest objects in Angular, JavaScript and the JVM sitting in a tree, modularizing your client-side with AmpersandJS and the minimalistic RiotJS.

June 2014

Episode #33

This episode covers finding fast and reliable JavaScript CDNs with CDNPerf, using localStorage with LocalForage, managing Node.js processes with Supervizer, tips on AngularJS controller syntax and dropdowns with DropKick.

Episode #32

This episode covers ES6 at Rdio, techniques for Managing Data from Multiple Sources, ember-cli v0.0.34, learning Angular with ng-book, NodeJS High Availability and the ng-newsletter.

Episode #31

Firefox 30 for devs, Rethinking AngularJS Controllers, 5 Tips on using AngularJS with Rails, a controversial take on using Node.js and i18node.

Episode #30

Running Node.js in production, Headroom.js, mitigating XSS with Content Security Policy, Your Browser Can Talk and useful Handlebars-Helpers

May 2014

Episode #29

This episode covers Object.observe in Chrome 36 beta, LoopBack for thin API layers for thick clients, client-side routing with RouterJS, console UI with cs_console and Foundation for Apps.

Episode #28

In this episode we talk about the Browserify Handbook, CSS animations with AniJS, a great way to get started with Polymer, using Fluxxor to architecture tools for React and some favorite videos from the Empire.js conference earlier this month.

Episode #27

In this episode we talk about becoming a company, the web-based AngularJS game Wordchain, improving jQuery animation with VelocityJS, preventing Layout Thrashing and using ES6 Generators today with Regenerators.

Episode #26

In this episode we cover Getting Gulpy, comparing Ember and Angular, sending push notifications with PushServer, collaborating with TogetherJS and using ImagineJS for working with canvas.

Episode #25

In this episode we talk about Things I Wish Someone Had Told me When I Was Learning EmberJS, the Morrigan jQuery Editor, using ES6 in Node.js with ES6inode, what's new in Firefox 29 and playing with the Web Audio API with Theresa's Sound World.

April 2014

Episode #24

In this episode we talk about Arrow Functions in ES6, HarpJS for quickly prototyping with static files, writing defensive code with ES6 Proxies and using JSONP with the AngularJS $resource service.

Episode #23

In this episode we cover what's new in Express 4.0, Node boiler plate code with Hackathon-Starter, ES6 Repl Chrome Extension, Understanding ES6, LEBRON Stack and the AirBnB JavaScript Style Guide.

Episode #22

In this episode we cover writing Express routes and applications, the upcoming Empire.js conference in New York and what makes a good JavaScript interview question.

Episode #21

In this episode we cover writing maintainable Angular.js directive, using Make as your front end build tool, prevent users from losing their precious form data with Garlic.js and latest Ember versions 1.5.0 and 1.6 beta.

March 2014

Episode #20

In this episode we talk about running JavaScript in JavaScript with Tiny.js, monkey testing your web apps with Gremlins, the new open source website EmberFlare and why the NPM debacle might have been your fault.

Episode #19

In this episode, we talk about JavaScript MVC Style Guides, what's new in Angular 2.0, the new Object.observe feature in ES6 and the importance of application frameworks.

Episode #18

In this episode we cover ECMAScript 6 features, a look into custom elements, untangling your JavaScript with Browserify and Multiline.js.

Episode #17

In this episode we cover GitHubs new editor, some useful Knockout binding handlers you can't live without, Testing practices in JavaScript and Angular and Distributed Logging for Node using YAL.

February 2014

Episode #16

In this episode, we talk about Rewriting a Web App in ES6, the Component package manager, the Chrome Fast Tab Switcher chrome extension built in React.js, building an Ember.js app with a Rails API and the future of the Ghost Admin UI.

Episode #15

Broccoli, multithread.js, Fireplace, JavaScript Promises, Iterators.

Episode #14

In this episode we cover gulp-plugin-boilerplate to help you get started with creating gulp plugins quickly, making Angular.js apps realtime with Pusher, page scrolling with ScrollReveal.js, building a simple Todo list using Koa and npm Inc receives funding.

Episode #13

In this episode we talk about marking search engine crawlers happy with, E2E tests with Nightwatch,, building graphs with Sigma.js, dotJS conference videos and FluentConf.

January 2014

Episode #12

This episode covers what's new in CoffeeScript 1.7, using Tether to help with positioning tooltips, getting started with WebRTC using, the making of the Warming up with Ember.js course, Node 0.12 performance optimizations and FluentConf 2014.

Episode #11

This episode covers component, polymer, learnable programming, BrowserSync and ES6 Promises.

Episode #10

This episode covers Koa.js, Picturefill, Gulp.js, performance talks at the Chrome Dev Summit, leadership change in Node.js and FluentConf.

Episode #9

Vert.x, Ember1.3.0, CodeCombat goes open source, In-Browser debuggers with JS generators, NPM Module Foundry

December 2013

Episode #8

Free JavaScript resources, meet the Sails.js MVC framework, Daily JS developer Survey, What's coming up in Ember.js for 2014.

Episode #7

Numeral.js helps working with numbers, a closer look at PayPal's Node.js benchmarks, Browserify hits 3.0, ScaleNPM results and notes from the Ember.js Core Team Meeting.

Episode #6

Angular-Pickadate, is open-sourced, Wave simulations in WebGL, Choosing a JavaScript MVC Framework and RedditJS

Episode #5

FastClick.js, ScaleNPM, You Don't Know JS and Node.js Stream Playground.

Episode #4

Isomorphic JavaScript, Node.js at IBM, Ember Components and Node v0.10.22

November 2013

Episode #3

Contrasting Backbone and Angular, using Pedalboard.js to code guitar effects, automate with Grunt.js, Declarative vs. Imperative and Node.js at PayPal.

Episode #2

The Event Loop explained, Ember.js and URLs, KO v3.0, Animating DOM transitions, Framer.js, Charlie.js

Episode #1

Stripe adds support for Node.js, templating with Nunjucks, Node.js DoS fix, Firebase and Ember.js and SnapSVG

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