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Episode #119

June 16th, 2016

This week, we discuss code sharing between React Native and React web apps, how enterprise companies are using Node, a live chat app using Meteor and the DDP protocol,...



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Episode #118

This week, we discuss learning the JavaScript ecosystem; async and await; Webpack; and the React, Webpack, and Horizon quick start.

Episode #117

This week, we discuss Edge supporting Fetch, jQuery 3.0 RC, free resources for learning JavaScript, and the Aurelia Shadow DOM v1 Slots prerelease.

Episode #116

This week, we discuss building an Angular 2 app, Node.js V6 release, TrialJS, and 12 useful hacks for JavaScript.

Episode #115

This week, we sit down with Course Instructor Sergio Cruz to discuss the Powering Up With React course.

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