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Episode #61

February 5th, 2015

James Newton & Alyssa Nicoll talk about React Hot Loader, Rob Eisenberg's interview on "Pete on Software", Aurelia vs. Angular, and Lodash 3.0.



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Episode #60

This episode covers Aurelia, one-time vs. two-way data binding in Angular, PhantomJS 2.0 is close, data checks with is.js and templating with Kruntch.js

Episode #59

This episode covers Microsoft announcing Project Spartan, the polygon triangulation library Earcut, Using Ember.js with node using Fastboot, and What's new in Atom Shell.

Episode #58

This episode covers the first io.js official release, scaffolding with Yeoman, 6to5 joining forces with esnext, debugging beyond console.log and cookies that will not go away. Ever.

Episode #57

Katie & Alyssa cover Snabbt.js, JSBOOK, Javascript Garden, Taming Asynchronous JavaScript with Async.js, and Ext JS 5.

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